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28-Aug-2017 23:08

That particular day I was hornier than normal and rushed back into my room, I immediatly dropped my boxers and grabbed my fully erect cock, uncut and about 7 inches, and started to furiously masturbate after I had rubbed the precum around the head.

I was thinking about how exciting and awkward it would be if my mother were to walk in right now, that thought made my cock pulsate and I soon ejaculated a huge load onto my stomache, which I quickly cleaned up with some tissues Apparently I had dozed off after jerking off earlier, it was dark outside now and I realized I had not put my pants back on or covered myself up, the door to my room was open aswell.

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We managed to talk to one of his former students, who didn’t want to be identified.As I stood up, the bed made a squeaking sound and I heard my mother get up and walk towards my room, before I had time to grab something; she was inside my room with a bunch of laundry, quickly glimpsing at my semi-erect cock for just a fraction of a second before starting to put clothes into the closet.

A nurse at the hospital from where the rape was reported told the mother to stay strong for her daughter in the face of the alleged intimidation.… continue reading »

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