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Little is known of Wilson's subsequent activities with this group.

After a failed suicide attempt just before his nineteenth birthday, Wade was invited to join a clandestine group of CIA-sponsored mercenary assassins thanks to his military record, assured that his targets would all deserve death.

At Death’s prompting, Wilson killed Worm to end his suffering.

However, under Killebrew's rules, any patient who killed another was to be executed; Ajax subsequently tore out Wilson’s heart and left him for dead, but Wilson’s thirst for vengeance was so strong that it jump started his healing factor, regenerating his heart, although not curing his scarred body.

Wilson started trying to kill himself, to join Death - going so far as to start taunting Ajax by saying his real name (Francis) over and over, which earned him the respect of his fellow Hospice patients.

Then Ajax, angered by Wilson’s taunts, lobotomized Worm, the closest thing Wilson had to a friend.

Wilson was active in a covert field unit alongside the near-invulnerable Sluggo and the cyborgs Kane and Slayback.

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When his father got his act together and tried to rein in his son, one of Wade's friends shot and killed him.

Upon arrival to the Zaire base where she was stationed, he killed everyone except for Al who had fled.

Those who put the contract out on Al sought vengeance for his failure by targeting Vanessa, who was rescued by Zoe Culloden, an employee of the inter-dimensional firm Landau, Luckman, Lake, and Le Quare.

Taking the name Deadpool, he escaped from the Hospice with his fellow patients.

Following his escape, Deadpool served for a time as an enforcer alongside the surgically altered criminal Hammerhead.

He even gave up his chemo treatments, not wishing to prolong things.

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