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I couldn't feel anything from my neck down." And even though Austin returned to the ring after the incident, Summerslam '97 marked the beginning of the end.

He would go on to reinjure his neck and incur several concussions.

And within the first five months of my wrestling career, I'd already had three concussions.

Well, that would be Jerry Lawler's heart attack, which happened live on RAW in September of 2012.

During an interview on Chris Jericho's podcast, , Edge discussed the moment he realized he had spinal stenosis, which would force the champ into retirement at just 37. " Whether or not the pressure comes from the front office or from a little voice within, playing-through-the-pain is a standard in professional wrestling.

"I probably had stenosis when Jeff (Hardy) landed on me through that ladder at Wrestle Mania 23," he said. As a result, many athletes ignore nagging pains for too long, for fear of disrespecting the culture or losing a contract. Finally WWE said 'that's it, dude.'" This wrestler's rallying cry of "Cuz Stone Cold Said So!

The most damning allegation Punk made was a growth on his back, which he claims was diagnosed by WWE's doctor as a mere fatty deposit.

When Punk got a second opinion at his wife's insistence, it turned out to be a near-fatal staph infection.

Austin had readied himself for a tombstone piledriver, but Hart switched to a "Hart Driver" at the last second, which sent Austin's skull crashing into the mat.

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